888 sabong 888 sabong 888 sabong Want to win money? Then you must have the Sabong knack
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Want to win money? Then you must have the Sabong knack

Sabong,Sabong winning,Sabong secret

Want to win money? Must have sabong know-how

【Strict control of funds】

In all casino games, strict control is absolutely the top priority. Learn to stop losses and change strategies when losing money, or stop profits when winning money and take it as soon as possible; no matter how skilled the players are How powerful, as long as the heart is greedy, it will never be rewarded, which is why most gamblers who cannot strictly control their chips will leave the game empty-handed and lose money.

If you have bad luck, you want to get back when you lose, and if you are lucky, you want to make more money when you win; this is not a healthy state of mind.

It is recommended that players divide the principal into 200-500 equal parts before betting on video games, so as to calculate the amount that needs to be consumed per turn to control the profit and loss of the three major cycles of sabong.

【Make good use of the benefits of the casino】

Players who have not been in contact with the casino, please be sure to grasp the first deposit benefits of the casino, such as the promotions of the sw casino, the first deposit will get a 100% discount, up to 2,000 yuan;

That is to say, players only need to save 2,000 yuan and upgrade to 4,000 yuan immediately! Isn’t it a good deal? For details, please refer to “sw Casino”.

In addition, players can receive a daily 15% re-deposit discount (limited to a maximum of 288 yuan per day) after depositing every day, so that they have more chips to win the grand prize.

Finally, players must be careful when selecting agents. In addition to many offline discounts, the Iron Branch team will also hold bonus events from time to time, so that all players can enjoy high-quality services.

【Choose reward type sabong】

When playing online sabong, try to choose a reward-type sabong, which is the type of machine that can get free games. The most recommended machine game for our Tiezhi gifted class is “Fortune,

Thor’s Hammer” in the “RSG” platform; free games are equal to The extra reward, that is to say, in addition to retaining the original online jackpot, there is an additional chance of a free game, because the chance of a free game to win the jackpot is usually greater.

Therefore, when playing online sabong, choosing a reward-type machine will have a better chance of making a lot of money. In addition, we should remind players not to look for traditional sabong (three reels). This kind of winning probability is very low, and more chips will be wasted in it. .

【Rebate rate】

In addition to understanding sabong gameplay and platform selection skills, players should also pay attention that the probability of each sabong is different;

The winning rate of sabong in a physical casino can be adjusted, and the sabong station in an online casino must have the same operation mode;

And the probability of winning the sabong can also be called “rebate rate”.

Generally, the sabong rebate rate of online casinos will probably be between 80%-95%, and a loss of 5%-20% is the house edge;

That is to say, for every 100 yuan bet, an average of 80-95 yuan will be spit back to the player, so do your homework before the game, otherwise you will lose all of it soon!

In addition, it should be noted that even if the player’s skills are superb, as long as the bet is lower than other online players, it is very likely that the bet is too low to win the big prize during the “spitting period”.

Because sabong’s program has the so-called time difference between winning and losing, it will give priority back to players with high stakes;

Suppose you lose 100 yuan in your bet, but other players have already lost 1,000 yuan, the system may give 950 yuan to the player who has lost more;

Especially in the accumulative sabongjackpot (Note 1), it is very easy to appear, so when you are already spitting out installments, you must be bold and take the opportunity!

Note 1: The cumulative sabong is called “Progressive slot” in English

Sabong,Sabong winning,Sabong secret

The secret to winning money at sabong is to find the right machine

In the electronic sabong, there are often players who do not know what kind of machine is suitable for them, or do not understand the gameplay and operation of the machine, which together affect the play of the sabong winning secret; but basically there are five types of machines, 3 rolls, 5 There are five types of roll type, multi-line type, and cumulative pot type. Each machine has its own characteristics and basic rules.

At the beginning, novice players are recommended to operate in the simplest way.

At the same time, as long as you match the rules of the machines, you will definitely be able to catch the knack of winning money with sabong. The following is a brief description of the differences between the machines.

Classic 3 roll type sabong

In the slot sabong, it is quite recommended for beginners, as long as 5 lines are the same as the winning line.

Banknote 5 roll type sabong

In line with the current popular trend, it has the characteristics of new digital, and there are various special reward modes, allowing players to have more ways to experience the game and earn bonuses at the same time. It is also recommended for newbies. Overcomplicated.

complex polyline sabong

With high bonuses but with complex features, the machine has 25 to 100 winning lines. For familiar players, it is a type of machine that can be tried, and it is a highly rewarding sabong, but relatively You must bet a certain amount of chips to get a return

Feedback, so it is not recommended for novice players to experience it initially.

Jackpot type sabong

It is the same type as the 5-roll type sabong of banknotes in point 2. The method of use is that players put banknotes into the machine, and if the pool of the machine accumulates to a certain extent, they will harvest a large amount of money at one time, which is quite lucky. There are no differences between the novice and the veteran.

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