888 sabong 888 sabong 888 sabong The sabong strategy is very important! The odds are clear
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The sabong strategy is very important! The odds are clear

sabong,sabong strategy,sabong odds,sabong winning

The sabong strategy is very important! The odds are clear

sabong strategy: The one who has the last laugh is the winner!

The reason why sabong loses is because of lack of discipline, so the tragedy caused by random betting!

For example: if there is a long dragon, don’t deliberately break the dragon.

When you see a single jump or double jump, just follow.

Don’t try to judge by looking at the road list. After understanding the basic common sense, set the amount of each bet and the upper limit of winning and losing, and meet the standard. Then you have to leave.

sabong strategy 1: double chip method

This method is suitable for betting on the player in the 5th to 8th rounds, and using double chips to bet, if the player bet 100 in the 5th round, and bet 200 in the 6th round. …and so on, the next 9th to 12th rounds must return to the flat bet method, don’t be greedy!

sabong strategy 2: don’t bet if the winning rate is not high!

Like a tie, a pair, and a lucky six, the chance of appearing is less than 10%, and there is at least a 50% chance of opening the bank and the idle game. If you are an experienced player, you can try it, but if you are just a sabong novice, don’t be a white mouse. To experiment, it’s just killing yourself!

sabong strategy 3: The betting time should not exceed 2.5 hours

According to statistics, it is easy to profit from playing sabong within 2 hours, because the mind can stay awake within 2 hours, so that the most correct judgment can be made.

Sabong strategy 4: in poor condition, try not to play at night

After a busy day, your spirit is definitely not good, and your luck is definitely not better, so most of you lose more money!

sabong,sabong strategy,sabong odds,sabong winning

sabong odds are important!

wm casino usually gives players a piece of paper, so that players can use their own methods to record the development of the game, some people will use two different colors to record the number of times the banker wins and the player wins or other different variables, they follow the data These records come to sabong odds analysis, and master its laws to bet. But in fact, this is just a betting method to enhance confidence, and gambling always requires luck and mentality.

Similar to blackjack card counting, sabong also has card counting, namely: 2 to 6, which is good for the Player (Play) to win, 8 to K, which is good for the Bank (Bank) to win, 7 and A are neutral cards.

Many people Using the computer analogy to gamble with sabong odds, you can accurately know the number of cards left in each card based on the cards that have appeared, such as how many cards are left in “A”, how many cards are left in “2”, how many cards are left in “3”, … …, until the number of “K” cards left, that is, the probability of each card appearing during the game can be accurately known.

According to this, the corresponding rate of return can be accurately calculated.

If the remaining cards are more than 2 to 6, bet on the player (Play) to win, if the remaining cards are more than 8 to K, bet on the bank (Bank) to win.

Since the proportion of the return rate greater than 0 is too small, in the case where the sabong bet limit is 100 times, the average rate of return, or the total rate of return of sabong can not be greater than 0. Even if the rate of return is greater than 0, Betting, because this kind of opportunity is very rare, it is estimated that it will take several days to wait for such a betting opportunity, which is too inefficient and meaningless.

Card counting is not used to pretend to be mysterious or sophisticated.

The essence of card counting is the external manifestation of the rate of return, and it is an indicator of when the gambler has the upper hand in the game with the casino.

Obviously, when you can’t see the back In the case of the number of cards, the computer card counting method is the most powerful among the card counting methods.

If even the computer card counting method can only calculate that the rate of return increases in the range of negative numbers, it is almost impossible to calculate that the rate of return is positive. time, then there is no card counting system.

The sabong odds game is divided into three gates: Bank, Play, and Tie. The Bank and Play here have no specific meaning.

Guests can choose Bank, Play, and any one of them according to their own ideas. Note.

The sabong odds game generally requires 6 decks of cards (52 cards per deck, excluding high and low king).

The dealer and player will each be dealt two cards. Then the third card will be dealt according to standard sabong rules For Player or Banker.

The purpose of the sabong game is to ask the player to predict which of the Banker or Player’s cards will be closest to 9.

You can bet on Banker, Player, or Tie.

A draw occurs when both players have the same number of points. If the game is tied, bets placed on Banker and Player are refunded.

The odds are the same for Banker and Player, except that if you bet on Banker and Banker wins, Banker will A 5% commission is charged.

If you bet and the hand is correct at the same time, you will get 8 to 1 odds amount. All ten cards are counted as 0, and aces are counted as one point, and the rest are as they are Card face value.

If the total value of the cards exceeds 9, subtract 10 from the sum.

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