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The sabong strategy is open to the public

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The sabong strategy is open to the public

The ultimate sabong strategy course must learn

One of the sabong strategies: better mentality

The most important thing in playing casino games is to maintain inner peace. Why is peace of mind the most important course?

Players think that sabong is easy to win, but it is a matter of chance.

Words should be kept in mind, if you bet on a whim because of small wins, you will lead to irreversible results because of greed.

The best shortcut to winning money is when your heart is calm, your thinking will be clearer, and it is not easy to lose your direction because of the winning or losing in front of you.

At this time, you can follow the past experience and know your own rhythm, and the road to success is now. Not far from you!

Sabong Raiders 2: Skills to Practice

When you have a good attitude, you can increase your on-the-spot experience.

When the experience increases to a certain value, your skills will be higher.

In fact, there are many levels of technology, including capital allocation, risk control, etc.

These can change a lot of play, such as the simplest Martin play, with a certain amount of chips and multiple investment levels.

Free control, These can change the play of more than 10.

According to each player’s own style of play, they can improve their skills after actual combat testing.

Sabong strategy 3: good luck

Luck ranks third in the sabong mentality. Although it is not as important as the first two, luck is also a part of winning and losing.

When you are lucky, it is difficult for you to lose. If you can bet when you are lucky, you can be the final winner.

sabong,sabong strategy,sabong winning,sabong money

3 strokes sabong strategy public

One of the sabong strategies: the key to your winning money-smile heart method

Here are the steps in the Smile Mantra:

1. Don’t bet in the first game. If the banker is opened in the first game, you must buy the banker. If you are idle, buy until the banker or the idle road is cut off. After that, you can’t buy and you can’t include the banker in the card road calculation. .

2. If the banker or the idle route is broken, you must follow up immediately. If the banker opens in the first 5 games, and the 6th game starts to become idle, then the player must follow up with the next idler.

3. If you still lose 2 games in a row, follow up and buy jump. Assuming that the banker opened in the previous game, the player will buy the player in the next game.

On the contrary, the player will play the banker until the jump is broken. Follow up with Zhuang or Xian.

4. If the above methods are still losing streak, you should bet first and use virtual tactics instead. What is a virtual tactic? It means not betting, but silently following the game until Lian wins 2 games in a row, and then re-plays the actual battle.

5. The stop loss point is placed on the 5th bet. If you accumulate 5 bets, you must leave this room, and the take-profit point is set at the 6th bet.

You must leave if you accumulate 6 bets in sabong, but With one exception, you can place another bet after winning 6 games in a row, and then stop.

6. If a game consists of 8 decks of cards, the 55th time is the stop point. When it reaches the 55th time, if it still loses, it should stop immediately.

If it is in a state of winning streak, you can bet again until you lose.

Sabong Raiders 2: You must understand the flat note metho

Before playing the smile heart method, you must understand the flat betting method, and there is a formula for the flat betting method, that is, see the banker and the banker, see the idler and the idler, and see the jump and jump; lose three and stop, lose five and win six, stop at five five.

Sabong strategy 3: sabong earning win rate

The advantage of the sabong smile method is that the formula is easy to remember, and the betting does not require much capital (only 5 chips are required). At most, the player will only lose 5 bets, and if you are lucky, you can win 20 bets.

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