888 sabong 888 sabong 888 sabong The principle of sabong is broken! Master the rules easily!
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The principle of sabong is broken! Master the rules easily!

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The principle of sabong is broken! Master the rules easily!

sabong with different rules

Later, I came into contact with the most popular airport now, and there are all kinds of sabong and slot machines!

There was a time when I was obsessed with slot machines, one was called Diamond Train, and the other was called Legend of the Holy Beast.

Slots I believe everyone should know, that is, the middle three shake first, you can press and stop at any time, and three patterns will appear.

Of course, two or three of the same patterns may appear, and then the patterns that come out of the outer circle will be drawn. If you match the number, there will be a prize, otherwise there will be no!

The corners are full of high-multiplier patterns.

The upper middle is the king, the highest multiplier, ranging from 50 to 100 times. The lower middle is commonly known as driving a train.

There are several free lights that are connected together. It counts where you go! Chances are low!

In the middle of the two sides is a free game, ranging from one to four, randomly played, and the bet amount varies from 4 to several hundred! Playing slot games is more skillful, and you must wait until the return probability is high to raise, so that you can win big, and the flat bet is basically lost!

As for the timing, you can only master it yourself. On the one hand, it is luck, and on the other hand, it is experience and feeling!

I used to hit more than 1,000 yuan for a hundred or so, but that’s the limit. There are three kings in the middle! This requires a relatively high level of personal experience and skills, and it is necessary to control the betting!

A more accessible sabong game

Then there is the sabong game at the airport. I have to mention that there are some games that are relatively easy to master when I play them, and they are also interesting! I haven’t played a lot, such as Super 7, Secret Service Crisis, Jade Futon, Lucky God of Fortune, Christmas Party, Mid-Autumn Moonlight Party, Kung Fu Dragon, Jin Ping Mei and so on!

Super 7 is new. After playing for a while, I feel that this is only for short-term play, and high multiples are not easy to creampie! The slam bonus is even more out of reach.

When you shake out the same pattern on the screen, you may not be able to wait until you die! Playability is very general! But small prizes will keep coming out, and the prize rate is still quite high, although the multiple is not big! Can be entertained!

Just have fun with small bets

Jade futon is more interesting, you know! It’s just a little bit more lewd when it comes to fun games, such as voyeurs, tonics, tiger stools, but personally I don’t think it’s interesting, and the payout is very low! Jin Ping Mei is a little better, the bonus game for opening the box, the bonus is okay, the exact number of records can’t be found!

Everyone can experience it!

Now I have more contact with Lucky God of Wealth and Christmas Party. The probability of these two bonus games is quite high! Play a little bit, you can get a good profit, of course, it can only be a small amount, because I play with the minimum bet, and the full line bet is just a piece of money! You can often win a hundred or so!

But I am just for entertainment. Many times I have to clear my bags before leaving. It will take a long time haha! Basically it’s been over 5 hours! Otherwise, just switch to baccarat and you will be done!

sabong,sabong principle,sabong rules,sabong game,sabong bets

Sabong principle crack big crack!

sabong principle, sabong anti-point value, sabong pseudo-primitive number, sabong make money, sabong! Notice!

This is a sabong money betting method that all online casinos must win! After reading this article, you can clearly understand the principle of sabong, because all casino machines can apply this set of calculation principles, so ah!

As long as you learn the principles, you will have a chance to get a high probability of making a profit!

Is the value of sabong rebates important?

When you press the start button every time you put in chips and press the stop button the next second, the game result of sabong is already doomed.

We can know that the rebate probability of almost all sabongs is above 80%, but detailed The setting is unknown, because this setting is related to the profit, business, and commercial secrets of the casino. In the current sabong game, 80%, 85%, 90%, and 95% of the rebate value can be set. Don’t underestimate it. These rebate values, these sabong rebate values ​​are very influential for players.

For example, suppose the sabong machine we play today is 80%, which means that when we invest 100 yuan, the dealer will get 20 yuan, and the remaining 80 yuan will go back to the player, that is to say In the end, the player will definitely lose money, and as long as there are 5 consecutive cycles, the player will have no money left, so when you bet randomly without any strategy, you will definitely become the loser of sabong in the end.

The design principle of sabong is cracked

Whether it is a physical casino or a sabong machine in an online casino, the design principle is either a single-line machine or a multi-line machine. These two are the main design principles, even if sabong has various themes, Appearance, but in the design of the main program of all sabong machines, most of them are pseudo-primitive calculation methods, and the so-called sabong pseudo-primitive calculation method is a calculation designed by using the random random operation method in the sabong machine.

Fa, does this sound very abstract? Let us illustrate with an example!

For example: Suppose player A invested 1 yuan, but did not win this round, and player B also invested 1 yuan, but won the prize in this round, that is to say, in the same sabong machine, we invested the same value of Money, although both A and B are the first sabong game of the day, but for the sabong game machine, the chips invested by player B become the result of the sabong game in the second game, which is the so-called pseudo-original number calculation method .

Sabong principle crack big crack! One trick to make money betting that all casinos will win!

How to make money using the sabong pseudo-primitive calculation method?

From the previous chapter, we can know that the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is a generator of random time results, and the calculation method of the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is “time * number of rounds / multiple chips = result”, we can imagine that today we Pressing the stop button every 2 seconds will generate benefits in fixed odd-numbered or even-numbered rounds, that is to say, under the state of the chip multiplier we use, there may be 12 yuan winning, 18 yuan not winning, 10 yuan wins, 15 yuan does not win, etc.

At this time, when the three condition values ​​reach the basic value of sabong, usually our player’s winning probability will reach 90% or even 100%. After reaching the standard value, there will continue to exist 10 % sabong machine design floating value, then how to judge this floating value, we need to accumulate rich experience!

sabong make money betting method epilogue

The principle design of sabong and sabong is complicated, but it is actually not that complicated. As long as we can find a set of sabong routines and processes, we can draw a set of formulas for making money betting. Gamblers almost have their own sabong winning formula, and they will not easily teach others or outflow strategies.

At this time, if we also want to have our own sabong money-making betting method, we need to crack it ourselves. way, then start from understanding the principles mentioned above!

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