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sabong games win money

sabong games win money

sabong games win money

The goal of the casino’s sabong games project:

the casino gets the “money” in the hands of the players

1. Put water on the odds settings in the game

So that those who use A to bet on sabong machines can have a high

probability of winning a certain percentage of the points in the sabong machine

and at the same time, they can only use the game currency

A to bet on the sabong machine (the sabong machine does not eat money

only the game currency). This will attract more players to exchange “money”

C into A at the counter for cashing out DB game coins, and then use

A to bet on sabong machines to earn game coins B.

2. Continue to maintain the DB in the sabong games to win money

At the same time, the number of sabong machines is limited to grow slower than the total amount of game currency

A in the hands of the bettor, so as to maintain the attractiveness of the points B in the sabong machine relative to the game currency

A (A can only win money when A enters the sabong machine and changes to B), so that players can win

Keep entering the market, constantly exchange your C for A, and keep throwing A into the sabong machine for B.

3. If the number of sabong games drops

As a result, the amount of money C is exchanged for game currency A into points B in the game,

and the number of players who exchange game points B back to game currency

A and money C is gradually approaching (that is, the casino cannot cheat more.) When the “money” C net flows in)

the program settings of the game are suddenly changed, and the point

B in the sabong machine cannot be spit out the corresponding game currency

A immediately, but only a limited amount of spit out, and each person is limited to spit out a certain amount at a time. In this way,

the total number of game coins

A in the player’s hand at the same time is reduced

thereby reducing the pressure on the exchange of game coins A to money C

and maintaining the overall direction of net exchange of C to A.

4. Casinos further change the sabong games program

When the cash limit setting still cannot solve the problem

and when the net inflow of the casino’s money C drops sharply

it is about to reverse the direction. In this way

the casino is not cheating in name (the casino does not promise that the sabong machine will definitely let you win)

and the players lose a lot of money in the gambling game

the points B they hold drops, and there is nothing to say (willing to accept the loss)

Of course, not all sabong machines will change the program at the same time

In a few big sabong machines, it is still necessary to restore the original settings from time to time

so that players can win some points B to maintain players’ confidence.

sabong games
sabong games

5. Casinos create the illusion that a lot of people are playing sabong games

Most players can’t make money in the gambling games

only those big sabong machines can still win money but there are too many people to squeeze in

and they get restless. Some people began to spit out the points that could be exchanged for game currency

A in the sabong machine, and exchanged the remaining game currency A for C to quit.

But there are still some new foreign players who don’t know the details and want to “buy the bottom” and continue to replace C with A.

At this time, in order to attract customers and maintain business, the casino keeps the exchange rate of

A and C unchanged

while taking out a part of the reserve money C

(that is, the part that the casino received when the players exchanged money

C for game currency A from the casino earlier), Ask a Tuo to come out and hand over the money

C to him, and let Tuo stand at the exchange counter to exchange C for game currency A constantly.

This is equivalent to turning the left hand into the right hand,

creating the illusion that “many people are still entering the game” to attract bottom-hunting players and stabilize the situation.

6. People start to exit the sabong games game

As the game in the sabong machine is getting harder and harder to win

more and more players are wandering around in the casino to find no chance

and they start to ignore the apparent stability of the redemption ratio

and exchange the remaining game coins A into money C. Slip off the field.

Of course, some of the players are relatives of the casino owner, and some are foreigners who are not easy to mess with

These people were notified by the casino earlier and took away some of the C.

What is shorting?

At the same time, the relatives of the casino owners have also set up a new system called “short selling”

which is to allow a little interest to be paid to those who still haven’t exchanged

A to C in the venue, but can’t find any profitable gambling games and wander around

The players borrowed 2 game coins A, and then exchanged 2 coins C back to the casino first

after waiting for the casino to announce the devaluation, they exchanged 1 C for 2 game coins

A and returned them to the players, and the remaining 1 C can be used by themselves Earn away.

Most players think this is an unprofitable behavior, because the total amount of C in the casino warehouse seems to be a lot

and the exchange rate of C and A is also controlled by the casino, and it does not seem to be changed.

7. Casinos restrict small players from redeeming cash

However, the paper could not contain the fire

and more and more people found that the only thing entering the market was a trust

In fact, the regular customers of the casino owner and foreign adults began to run on C; and the number of

A released by the casino was far greater than the number of C in the casino inventory.

Seeing that the casino can no longer maintain the situation where C net is exchanged for

A by various means, and if it continues to maintain, it will hand over the C net that has already been deceived

I redeemed 2 Cs when I gave it to the casino, and now I can only redeem 1 C for 2 A’s.”

At the same time

it began to limit the number of small players who can exchange A to the counter for C.

Players flocked to the exchange table angrily. While packing their luggage in the background to leave

the casino owner took out a few game coins and hired a number of players to act as thugs

standing by the exchange table to maintain order.

8. The casino declares the game void? !

In the end: the money C that the players had worked so hard to earn from the foreigners was basically taken away by the casino owners

relatives of the owners, casino employees and foreigners.

The game currency A in the hands of the players can only continue to be spent in the casino

and cannot get out of the casino, so the prices in the casino soared rapidly

The new boss who took over the casino took the stage and made an announcement

criticizing the previous boss’s relatives for being wrong

and they absconded with the money sabong games

and then arrested a group of thugs hired by the previous boss and put up a sign to show the crowd around to appease the anger of the players.

Then the new boss also announced that the original game currency was invalid

and then traded in the old game currency for a new set of game currency and then reopened the casino

repeating the above process.

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