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sabong secret skills look over

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sabong secret skills look over

Rules, secret skills and winning ways are very important in the sabong game.

The casino you see is like a big company with strong financial and human resources.

There are people checking it 24 hours a day.

The financial resources, material resources, human resources and energy are very sufficient, so Players want to win from the game, only by understanding the rules and using the rules can they succeed!

When the current situation of the game is irregular, you should wait and see conservatively first, bet steadily under regular conditions, maintain a mentality of accumulating more, and remember that you must not be greedy.

The stability and small profits that come, even if the opponent is strong, it will not kill you.

sabong secret skills – guard the riverside and keep the chips

You can try how to divide your bets into main and backup.

As the name suggests, the reserve chips cannot be used casually.

When Jiang Lang is exhausted, it can help you to appear helpful in many important moments.

This part is more important when you are an ignorant teenager.

Sometimes it is unavoidable that you have to pay tuition fees to acquire the same knowledge as you are learning.

Every game must have winners and losers, not to mention when you are an ignorant teenager The key is to let your wins outweigh your losses, so pre-remarks are a part that everyone cannot ignore!

sabong secret skills – learn various betting routines

You can try alternating bets, or you can bet on the banker first, until the player has three consecutive wins, and then bet on the player until the player loses.

When this happens, you can go back to the betting dealer and wait for the next winning streak to come.

Another way is to bet on the banker, but you have to vary the amount you bet depending on whether the banker and player win a given hand or not.

For example, if the dealer wins, bet $100.

If the player wins, bet $50. This approach doesn’t guarantee profit, but it allows you to do something during the game rather than just watch the outcome.

sabong secret skills – more bets on sabong bookmakers

In addition to the importance of the bet amount, it is necessary to decide whether to bet on the banker or the player, which is actually a simple decision.

As long as you do a little research on the house edge of the banker and the player.

You will find that the banker’s edge is slightly lower than the player’s edge.

Assuming there is a 5% rake today (i.e. banker rebate), in this case, you should bet the banker to win. This betting method is statistically the best bet.

sabong secret skills – understand the bookmaker commission calculation method

Suppose you are going to play the bookmaker today, and you must thoroughly understand that the cash board (Casino) will take a quarter of the commission from it.

After mastering this, you can place a bet to minimize the size of the commission as a percentage of the bet. If you bet 110 yuan on the dealer, and the pretender hand wins, you will get a payout of 100.25.

The meaning of the commission is that the commission of 5 yuan is rounded up to 5 yuan and the final amount is 7.5 yuan.

So you should know, bet in increments of five dollars, otherwise you will have to pay extra tax if the commission is rounded, if you bet 100 on the banker today, you will pay a commission of $25, or It’s 25% of the bet, and winning every hand is as much as 5%!

sabong,sabong secret,sabong skills,sabong casino,sabong Rules

Observe other people’s sabong skills

sabong skills 1. The chance of long idle will be reduced.

As long as you see 6 idle games, you will be brave to kill the dragon. If you have enough chips, you can start from 5 games. From 6 games to 8 games, less than 4% of the time.

Occurrence rate, that is, if you cut 100 times, you will succeed 96 times.

sabong technique 2. When there are more than 6 consecutive double jumps

(Xianxianzhuang, Xianxianzhuang), the probability of breaking the idle and adding the village will continue to increase with the number of double jumps.

After 6 times It will come to about 75%, which means that when you make the 6th double jump, you have a 75% chance of winning.

Even if you fail, your success rate is as high as 80% when you buy the next one, and the combined success rate of the two is 95%, which means that for every 100 pushes, you will succeed 95 times; if the 6th double jump is If you are jumping idle, then you can wait for the seventh time to start again. At this time, the compound success rate is nearly 99%.

sabong technique 3. When a deck of “idler wins 

banker wins” is greater than 12, the probability of banker’s opening is about 2 times that of idle wins.

You can win 2 hands out of every 3 hands, even if you fail, when the number is greater than 14, the chance of the banker winning is more than 3 times that of the player winning, that is to say, as long as you raise after losing 2 hands in a row, you have a 97% chance of winning. The odds remain undefeated, with a 73% chance of winning.

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