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sabong must win teaching – novice can easily learn

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sabong must win teaching – novice can easily learn

Teach you how to win sabong

Due to the different rules of banker and player outs, the card “4” is the most likely to change the probability of sabong.

The more 4s, the easier it is to open the banker, and the less 4s, the easier it is to open the player.

For ordinary players, except for 4, it is easier to open the banker.

In addition to the increase in the number of cards, it is not easy to be detected. Psychologically, most amateur players prefer to bet on the banker than the banker, because the intuitive reaction is that players will want to play against the casino that is the “banker” and bet on the banker. You don’t have to be drawn 5% water money when you win.

Seeing this, you may say, then you can’t beat the banker. In fact, when the deck has not changed the probability, it takes about 16,000 decks of cards before the banker and player will come to meet them.

The stable value of the original probability, and even adding 4 changes the probability (I am not saying that the added card must be 4, but 4 can make the biggest change in the result, so we use the increase of 4 to calculate, if the increase or decrease is other numbers, change

The odds are slightly more marginal), an 8-deck deck can produce an average of 68 valid outcomes (about 4-6 minus the cut cards), and the average dealer can only have more than one deck. 0.2-0.4 victories, such a change is insensitive to you.

What we’re looking for is overall change, and we’re targeting the parts that are easy to see visually.

1. The chance of long idle will be reduced. As long as you see 6 idle games, you will be brave to kill the dragon.

If you have enough chips, you can start from 5 games. From 6 games to 8 games, the incidence rate is less than 4%. , that is, if you cut 100 times, you will succeed 96 times.

2. When there are more than 6 consecutive double jumps (Xianxianzhuangzhuang, Xianxianzhuangzhuang), the probability of breaking idle and adding Zhuang will continue to increase with the number of double jumps. Come to about 75%, that is to say, when the 6th double jump, you have a 75% chance of winning.

Even if you fail, your success rate is as high as 80% in the next push. The compound success rate is 95%, which means that every 100 times you press, you will succeed 95 times; if the 6th double jump is an idle jump, then you will wait for the 7th time to start again, and the compound success rate at this time is nearly 99%.

3. When there is a deck of “Idle Sheng-Zhuang Sheng” that is greater than 12, the probability of opening a Zhuang Sheng is about 2 times that of an idle one.

The hand can win 2 hands, even if it fails, when the number is greater than 14, the probability of the banker winning is more than 3 times that of the player winning, that is to say, as long as you raise after losing 2 hands in a row, you have a 97% chance to keep Do not lose, there is a 73% chance of winning.

sabong,sabong win,sabong teaching,sabong player

sabong teaching – even for newbies

No matter which sabong game you choose, and whether you actually go to wm casino or play sabong through online wm casino, if you want to improve your sabong winning rate, the most important thing is not how powerful your sabong skills are, but having the right sabong mentality.

That’s why you should visit the sabong website a lot, because there are detailed explanations for various sabong teachings, and systematic data collection and teaching, whether it is novice learning or veteran review, is very helpful.

First of all, be familiar with the rules of the sabong game you choose, don’t rush into the game with a little knowledge, and want to gamble with luck!

In addition, as a professional player, you must learn to restrain your inner demons, stay rational, and never let your emotions lead you by the nose.

In the case of sabong, to put it bluntly, it is a game of point size. You choose how to bet according to your subjective will.

Relatively speaking, there is no profound knowledge; however, most players who often come into contact with sabong know it.

In this game, the “bet the dealer” has a higher chance of winning, and the probability of winning is more than 50%; in addition, based on years of practical experience, the players have compiled the following winning skills for your reference:

sabong teaching – there are three and four

It means that if three consecutive bankers or three players win, then the probability of winning and losing the fourth hand is bound to be the same; however, whether such a certain probability is a psychological effect, or the result of big data statistics, it is up to the players themselves. verify.

sabong teaching – rule guessing

When there is no long bank and long free time, many players like to bet on the second bank or the second player, which is actually a regular guessing game.

sabong teaching – see Zhuang and Zhuang, see leisure and leisure

If the banker is opened first hand, then the banker will be bought until the banker loses, and vice versa.

sabong teaching – see jump with jump

If you lose two times in a row with the banker or the player, you will switch to “jump”; “jump” refers to buying the opposite side of the previous one.

Sabong Teaching – Loss Three Suspension

If you lose three times in a row, stop betting; watch on the sidelines and make a virtual bet until you have two wins in a row in your mind and then resume betting.

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