888 sabong 888 sabong 888 sabong Sabong actually has loopholes to cheat, great discovery!!!
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Sabong actually has loopholes to cheat, great discovery!!!

Sabong,Sabong cheat

Crack sabong cheats to get high returns

This intelligent software is no magic, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, it can effectively avoid the decision-making traps caused by the artificial emotional influence of sabong players.

Both traditional and online sabong platforms are very suitable for dealing with sequential decision-making problems. The experimental results finally brought an average return rate of 80% to players and sw casinos.

By exploring different options and using the recurring mechanism of compound interest accumulation, gamblers who played sabong made nearly $6,000 from the initial $250 deposit, and the game time spent less than 30 minutes. Such an amazing investment return experience has proved that Reinforcement learning feasibility of sabong cracking software.

sabong cheat – conclusion

Suppose there are three sabong stations A, B, and C in the sw casino.

The budget is 3,000 yuan. In the following cases, you can bet 3,000 yuan on the same machine immediately, or bet 1,000 yuan on each of the three machines. Usually, you will bet a small amount on each of the three sabong machines, and then understand the situation. What action is taken, what is even more powerful is that it can operate virtual currency. For example, some casinos themselves support bitcoin betting, and make money by buying when prices rise and prices fall.

In this way, you can learn how to take the best action, let’s say you bet 50 yuan on each machine first, and see what happens, let’s say the money is 100 yuan, 20 yuan and 70 yuan, then the profit machine The ordering is A, C, B, and the cumulative discounted expected return will be found.

The sw casino platform will charge a 2% commission on the profits generated by the players, and you need to deposit at least $250 to start the online entertainment experience.

According to the results, you will decide how to modify the next sabong bet amount. The experts concluded that this is from the behavior. Reinforcement learning, which is based on learning with results, indirectly confirms that the artificial intelligence system can make full use of sabong bets to greatly increase profits!

As long as players grasp the rules of these sabong loopholes, they can choose strategies when betting. For example, first determine whether the sabong loopholes are eating or spitting stages when they appear.

If the machine is taking points, don’t place too much, because eating in installments means eating big and spitting small, which means that there is a great chance of losing if you press anything.

On the contrary, if the vomit phase is about to come, and the transition period is not easy to find an opportunity, you can wait a few more rounds, and when the vomit phase comes, you can prepare to be crushed, and you will have a great harvest!

Sabong,Sabong cheat

The principle of sabong vulnerability is greatly cracked!

Whether it is a physical casino or a sabong machine in an online casino, the design principle is either a single-line machine or a multi-line machine.

These two are the main design principles, even if sabong has various themes, Appearance, but most of the sabong machines in the design of the main program are pseudo-primitive calculation methods.

The so-called sabong pseudo-primitive calculation method is a calculation method designed by using the random random operation method in the sabong machine. Does this sound very abstract?

Let us illustrate with an example!

For example: Suppose player A invested 1 yuan, but did not win this round, and player B also invested 1 yuan, but won the prize in this round, that is to say, in the same sabong machine, we invested the same value of Money, although both A and B are the first sabong game of the day, for the sabong game machine, the chips invested by player B become the result of the second sabong game, which is the so-called pseudo-original number calculation method .

sabong vulnerability crack big crack! One trick to make money betting that all casinos will win!

How to make money using the pseudo-primitive calculation method of the sabong loophole?

From the previous chapter, we can know that the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is a generator of random time results, and the calculation method of the pseudo-primitive number calculation method is “time * number of rounds / multiple chips = result”, we can imagine that today we Press the stop button at every 2 second interval.

Then there will be benefits in fixed odd-numbered or even-numbered rounds, that is to say, under the state of the chip multiplier we use, it may happen that 12 yuan wins, 18 yuan does not win, 10 yuan wins, 15 yuan does not win, etc. When the three condition values ​​reach the base value of sabong.

Usually our player’s winning probability is 90% or even 100%. After reaching the standard value, there will continue to be a 10% sabong machine design floating value. So how do we judge this floating value, we need to accumulate rich Experience it!

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