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Online sabong skills, terms and nouns

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Online sabong skills 4 big tricks

Before you start playing online sabongs, you must first understand some concepts.

Online sabongs are a game without skills, and they are all integrated through the data set in the background to issue rewards, so when there are many people playing at the same time, there are How many people are sharing this pie, and the winning rate is not so high, but there are still some tips that can be used in the game of online sabongs.

No matter what technique you use, when playing online sabong money, you must carefully choose the casino that will withdraw money, and don’t lose even your investment in the end just because you want to play games.

Online sabong skills1: You must know how to observe

When playing sabongs, whether it is physical or online, you must have some luck in order to win the lottery, but if there is always a small or medium-sized lottery or no lottery, please exit quickly and change to a new machine. lose money.

On the other hand, if the small prizes and big prizes have been taking turns, don’t leave immediately, or the biggest prizes will come out next time.

Online sabong skills2: Fund management must be done well

As I mentioned earlier, most of the time when playing  jilibet online sabongs, the chance of losing is relatively high, so in the allocation of funds, you must be able to manage it, do not invest too much money at once, and please enjoy the pleasure when you win. Feeling that with a lot of money, trying to win more will make you lose even more.

Online sabong skills3: Start with a small amount and play slowly

Players may feel that the winning rate of sabongs is not high, and it is difficult to win big prizes immediately, so they will choose to play slowly with a small amount of money.

This is also to slowly accumulate the amount and drive the operation of the sabong. when.

Online sabong skills4: Make good use of the benefits of the casino

Since the chances of winning the lottery are not so high, you will not want to bet immediately at the beginning.

At this time, you can make good use of the free money issued by the casino to play, and you will not feel so distressed about your wallet.

If you are so lucky to win the lottery, then Congratulations, continue to use the money you have won, continue to play online sabongs for small amounts, and you will definitely get a better experience.

Simply bring out a few skills of online sabongs.

Remember to remember them, because sabongs are a random winning game.

Whether you have luck or not comes from the moment.

Note, otherwise, we will definitely lose even more. After understanding these sabong games, we will no longer be fooled by sabongs. Let’s be your tricks~

sabong,online sabong,sabong skills,sabong term,sabong Terminology

sabong term noun must not know

Because there are hundreds of sabongs, and some sabongs do not provide Chinese translation versions, so newbies don’t have to worry.

The following will introduce some common sabong terms and terms, which will help you get started when playing sabongs!

1. sabong Terminology – RTP (Return To Player) – Return to Player:

RTP refers to “Return to Player or Return to Player Percentage”, which refers to the money that sabongs give back to players, which is an important indicator when playing sabongs.
Usually on the machine, the average payout amount of the sabong and the player’s wager ratio are displayed as a percentage.

Our common RTP is 85%~95%, the higher the ratio, the better the player.

2. sabong Terms – Jackpot – Jackpot! Jackpot! :

congratulations! Jackpot it! In Chinese, it means “jackpot, grand prize”.

If the English word Jackpot appears, this kind of sabong game is also called “cumulative sabong”.

However, it should be noted that Jackpot is usually limited to playing 3 chips at a time.

If the player only plays 1 chip at a time, then don’t play this kind of cumulative sabong at all!

3. sabong term-Pay Table-Payment table:

Before players want to increase their sabong odds and hit the jackpot, they must first check the winning payout table in the sabong table.

Paytables detail and list the value of each symbol, and Win Lines provide players with an understanding of the sabong.

4. sabong Terminology – Win Lines – Win Lines:

Win Lines is also commonly known as “pay line, pay line, winning line”, which is the line segment that wins one or more prizes in sabong games.

If the connection is successful, the corresponding bonus will be obtained.
Most sabongs have a variety of ways to play.

Players can choose to bet only one line or multiple lines, but if you choose multiple lines, you must remember that the bet amount will be higher and higher!

5. sabong Terminology – Bonus Symbol – Bonus Symbol:

Bonus Symbol refers to the sabong bonus symbol, encountering this symbol will bring additional free games or bonus games!
Common bonus symbols are: Free Spins, Scatter and Wild.

6. sabong Terminology – Scatter – Scatter Symbol:

Scatter scatter symbols may appear anywhere on the axis of the game, as long as you encounter them, you can open free games or other bonus games!

7. sabong Terminology – Wild – Wild Symbol:

The Wild is the last welcome symbol, a wild symbol that can replace all symbols except the Scatter when playing multi-line games.
When the wild symbol appears on the screen, it will be used as a general symbol, and no matter which symbol can be covered (except scatter), I like this symbol very much!

8. sabong term-Multipliers-multiplier:

Multipliers is “multiplier” in Chinese. In simple terms, it means multiplying the winning bonus by the specified number, such as x5, x3… and so on.

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