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Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate

Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate algorithm

Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate 

Problems in the design of electronic betting sabong game on the slot line

If our understanding of the GLI casino equipment standard is wrong, our algorithm for the corresponding error will not hold.

  • Before we start, let’s make a statement:

The calculation methods are all based on the current GLI casino equipment standards of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. If Macau casinos did not use this standard now, none of our algorithms would hold true.

Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate algorithm

  • 1. The odds of winning electronic betting sabongs

The odds of winning on sabong are usually not very good. Casinos make money because they keep a percentage of their stakes.
The rest of the stakes that are not deducted will be lost to the players at random odds. The odds of an online electronic must win sabong game are based on thousands and millions of spins,
which means that the outcome of each game cannot be predicted or calculated. Winning big on the online electronic must-win sabong game
is not an indication of what will happen on a given day in the same casino, each winning is an independent probability.

sabong game online electronic must win sabong can be profitable

It’s because their built-in programs only allow players to win part of their winnings.
And the slot game is designed and tested to make sure it doesn’t lose money.
The odds of the online electronic must win sabong game are designed to pay out 80% or more of the total winnings, that is to say, the casino can earn up to 20% of the wager from each slot online electronic must win game.

Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate algorithm

  • 2. Electronic must-win sabong game speed (referred to as play speed)
    Usually online electronic must-win sabong games play faster than other games, so people who like this kind of stuff will lose faster.
    sabong online electronic must win sabong offer a continuous bet where players can bet as many as 600 to 1200 times per hour.
  • 3. Weighted reels
    Most gamblers don’t know that the reels of online electronic must-win sabong games have weights, so the small win symbols appear more often than the big winning symbols.
    Casinos can’t use dice with uneven weights or stack a lot of cards on top of each other, but weighted reels are common in sabong and most players don’t understand it. If you are interested in learning more, please click to watch the article:
    Deciphering the Myth of the Online Electronic Slot Game Formula
  • 4. Uneven reels on electronic bet-win sabongs Uneven
    reels are when some reels have fewer jackpot designs than others. In this case, the chances of two jackpot symbols appearing at the same time are much higher than three jackpot symbols appearing at the same time.
    In this case, it is easy for players to have the illusion that “the players almost won”.
    When the reels are spinning at high speed, players seem to see all the symbols, thinking they have the same chance of appearing, which is not the case, because they have no idea that one of the reels is missing a winning symbol.
  • 5. Electronic must win sabong fake win
    Fake win means that players win less money than they put in bets. Although players still lose money overall, online sabong will treat these moments as wins and play music to create the atmosphere, so players can easily have the illusion of winning.
  • 6. Nearly win on electronic must win sabong
    “Nearly win” refers to the appearance of the jackpot symbol above or below the win line, and it looks as if it is only a close win.
    Most players really believe they are close to winning. The truth is, to lose is to lose. The appearance of symbols above and below the win line does not imply that players will win the jackpot anytime soon.
    However, research has shown that “near-win” gives players an incentive to keep betting because they feel “will win soon”.
    In Macau, casinos can legally program online electronic must-win sabong to make “near-win” scenarios 12 times more likely than they would naturally occur.
  • 7. Stop button

The “stop button” gives the player the illusion of control, when in fact the button has no effect on the outcome.
The moment the reels start spinning, the result has been determined and the game is over.
That is to say, when the players press the button, the winner or loser is a foregone conclusion, it is only five or six seconds after the reels spin before the result is displayed.

  • 8. “Substitute points” relative to “currency”
    in electronic must-win sabongs When players put money into the online electronic must-win sabong game, the currency is automatically converted into substitute points,
    when players pay attention to how many points they have left. , often forgetting how much money they actually bet. This can cause players to “overspend”.
    Players will need to convert their Proxy Points into currency to find out how much they actually spent.
    In Macau, many online electronic must win sabong games show the total number of bets, but the position and size of these displayed cards are difficult to see.
  • 9. Electronic must win sabong small win

Players may encounter frequent “small wins” when playing online electronic must win sabong.
These “small wins” are not enough to cover the total amount lost, and the winnings are usually re-bet back into the game, let’s say players start with $100
but end up betting more than $100 because They will keep betting the money they get back from the “small win”. Like a “fake win” that gives players the illusion that they are doing better than they actually are.
By the same token, players who experience “small wins” are prone to hallucinations, betting that continuing to gamble will result in them hitting the jackpot.
But in fact, continuing to play usually makes them lose more. The average person will stop gambling after winning the big prize. On the contrary, the “small win” encourages players to continue to gamble.

  • 10. Electronic Must Win sabong Encourage Maximum Bet

Online electronic must win sabong game reward return rate algorithm

Did players know that players can bet three dollars per game on the “first line” online electronic must-win slot game?
This is because in a “multi-line” game, players can choose to bet more than one line at the same time. Often times, the slot game itself encourages players to make “multi-line investments”.
sabong are one of the most popular and potentially one of the most damaging forms of gambling in the world.
In Taiwan alone, there are about tens of thousands of electronic sabong games.

When talking about gambling problems, players’ attention is often focused on gamblers. However, more importantly, the game itself can also lead to various gambling problems.
Taking the online electronic must-win sabong game as an example, the ultra-fast game speed and the design of the promotion deceptive pattern often mislead the players’ view of the electronic must-win sabong game and create a lot of problems.
It would be helpful for players of online electronic casino sabong to understand the risks posed by these designs.

The scoring procedure is required in each round of the expected base game progression

When the player continues to bet at the minimum bet with nonlinear odds, the theoretical return rate must reach the minimum return rate (for example, the set return rate is 75%)

For example: Suppose a new machine, its return rate is set to 80%, the first person plays the first round (assuming 100 hands), it eats 1000 points, puts 700 points, only reaches 70%,
the second When a person comes to play the second round (assuming it is still 100 hands), it takes 1000 points and puts 900 points. At this time, the theoretical return rate just reaches 80%.
That is to say, if the person in front loses, the person in the back still loses. But if the 1st person plays the 1st round (assuming 100 hands),
it takes 1000 points, puts 500 points, and only reaches 50%, and the second person plays the 2nd round (assuming it is still 100 hands), it eats 1000 points Points, you must put 1100 points, so the second person must win?

The electronic betting sabong is played according to the current situation.

The 20-line machine uses 1 point to play 400 hands, and if you don’t get 4,000 points (or if you don’t get two 2,000 points in a row), you will give up. It is a machine with a theoretical return rate that is not too high.
If the screen is about 4000 points (or two 2000 points in a row), then use 1 point to play more than 30 hands,
from the 40th hand to the 200th hand, bet 20 lines and 1 point to play 4000 points (or Soon, 2 consecutive 2000 points) or so stop.

25 lines (the God of Wealth arrives at the machine with 5 lines and 1x is 25 points). The machine uses 1 point to play 500 hands, and if it doesn’t get 5000 points (or if it doesn’t get 2,500 points in a row), it will give up.
If the screen is around 5000 points (or two 2500 points in a row), then use 1 point to play more than 40 hands, from the 50th hand to the 250th hand, bet 25 lines and 1 point to play 5000 points (or very 2 2500 points in quick succession) stop.

Electronic betting sabong game summary

The online electronic must-win sabong game is a huge source of revenue for casinos. The game is designed to keep players playing and maximize profits for the operator.
Certain features of the online electronic must win sabong are often designed to mislead players into believing that their chances of winning are greater than they actually are.
Players need to understand what these game designs are about, which can be exciting for some, but also misleading and causing problems for others.

The online electronic must win slot game has been transformed into an online game very successfully, because it is very suitable for the requirements of online games.
Online, players can choose from a wide variety of games with high rewards, while the casino’s winning percentage is relatively low.
Players can also find the most lucrative online electronic must-win slot game jackpots online, often winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single jackpot.
If players are looking for the best online e-slot casinos, just choose the recommended casinos below, they all offer generous sign-up bonuses and huge jackpots.

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