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The jackpot is the crazy beauty of the must-win sabong

The jackpot is the crazy beauty of the must-win sabong

Electronic must win sabong

It is actually a simplified statistical table from the electronic sabong game bonus table in the casino.

Generally, casinos will use many different types of icons and symbols (eg: AKQJ10).

And many must-win sabongs in online casinos have hidden bonuses.

Despite the simplified version, you can still see that it offers

a wider variety of winning chances than the usual three-reel type of sabong.

With the highest stakes, you can also get different extra rewards.


According to this setting sabong

among the 20 paylines and the limit of 10 yuan per line (in NT$),
the maximum bet amount is 20×10=$200. But you can often see a lot higher than that

so don’t be surprised.
All investments are paid equally,

meaning you will not be paid extra even if you play the highest amount.
5-reel must-win sabongs can also win with a single symbol.

Even if you do not bet according to the maximum bet, you still have
a chance to win the jackpot on the 5-reel must-win sabong.

What do you say sabong?

The reason is that many casinos know that this must-win sabong format seems to increase

the chances of winning with multiple lines, but the amount of investment required is relatively high,
which will inevitably deter many players

Must win slot games, so they usually add some loose conditions,
that is, when certain symbols appear

they can also recover part of the winnings,

and this can be said to be very beneficial to you.

In some valid paylines, you can trigger hidden bonuses,

allowing you to get more free spins,
hidden bonus modes, so before playing,

take a little look at what kind of special bonuses
the electronic must win sabong you want to play can bring you,

But a very important subject.

Highlights sabong

Even with a minimum bet, you can launch hidden bonuses (free spins, free bonuses).
If three identical symbols land on the center line

you are guaranteed to enter the bonus event.
Most of the must win sabongs are designed with symbols placed from left to right,
so sometimes even if the symbols appear on 2, 3, 5, or 1, 2, or 4,

you have a chance to win.

But assuming none of the patterns fall on the set route, there will be no winnings.

Important: In order to maximize the bonus, you must have relative funds.

Otherwise, you must calculate the odds of each win before playing to increase your winnings.

Reminder: Learn about the play modes of each must win sabong.

In Jinhefa Casino sabong

we recommend that you play the free trial mode first,

roughly grasp the winning method, and adjust the amount you bet.

The jackpot is the biggest charm of the must-win sabong.

The jackpot is the crazy beauty of the must-win sabong

The jackpot is the crazy beauty of the must-win sabong

Some lucky players in online casinos have even exchanged

thousands of yuan for tens of millions of bonuses.

This is not a joke,

oreign casinos usually have higher bonuses.

If you are not playing with the mentality of major prizes

we suggest you to find other suitable games.

It is very interesting to analyze the situation and find out the easy-to-win must-win sabongs.

Although it may not be suitable for the must-win sabong games in online casinos,

in many casinos, you will occasionally see players randomly looking for casinos.

chat with our service figures to learn about the latest status of our company.

The winning scale constructed by the masters : The
starting point of the jackpot of the must-win sabongs is $5,000 (about $150,000 in Taiwan dollars).

Observe all the play modes of the must-win sabong for a long time, and do not actively jump down to bet.

The best draws are between $7,400 and $8,700.

Never touch a must win sabong with a jackpot below s7,400.

Must win sabong rules

Anyone who has played the must win sabong game for a long time knows that

there are more or less rules in this must win sabong game, so as long as

you find these common must win sabong rules, you will be able to master some must win sabong scores.

Skills, then it is not difficult to win. Today I’m going to talk about the tricks

and methods that you can win by grasping the rules of the must-win sabong game,

which is the method that you will vomit after eating!

Whenever I play a must-win slot game in any store, supermarket, or game arcade,

I will wait for someone to play it before I decide, or I will play it first and

then I will make a decision. Play

and then look at the situation to determine what state this must win sabong game is in.

If that player keeps losing, I don’t play, and if that player keeps winning,

I can go up and play. If you are playing alone, the maximum is 10 yuan,

and the scoring technique is also very simple, that is, 3333333, 3 points per game,

Apple does not press, in this case, the 10 yuan will be lost quickly,

then don’t play, if 10 Yuan will win a lot of points, then you can play.

Now the must-win sabong is a small fruit machine. Everyone knows that

after eating a certain amount of points, points will be returned.

He is different from large-scale fishing game machines and scoring machines.

Eat half and vomit half. It’s definitely not like some kind of connection machine

that only eats and doesn’t spit. Today, I will talk to you in detail

About the playing skills of the fruit must win sabong.

  • 1 Run to the bottom right corner to count the third apple, bet: orange 50 points,
    papaya 20 points double star 5 points watermelon 10 points.
  • 2 If you run on a small watermelon, you can count the third from the top and bottom,
    betting method: double star 40 points, papaya 50 points, apple 50 points bell 30 points.
  • 3 Running on the small bell is the second from the top left corner, betting method:
    50 points for oranges, 20 points for papaya, 50 points for apples, and 15 points for watermelons.
  • 4 Running on the little apple is the second from the top right corner, betting:
    watermelon 50 points, papaya 50 points, orange 35 points double star 40 points.
  • 5 Run on the jump light on the right, Apple 50 Papaya 10.

If you fail to score in the above 5 steps

you can continue to run again.
The winning rate of the must-win sabong rules is 85%.

It is best to play this machine with two people.
You should not bet if others are betting. If you are not sure

you can empty one or two hands.
When you open 6 apples in a row,

you can bet on the Tianmen. 10 points can be opened.

more than 10 points is hard to say,

the probability of opening oranges after the small bell is 65%,
apples 20% watermelons 5% papayas 10% small apples

papayas 30% oranges 15% big apples
40% watermelons 10 % Double star 5%, after small papaya open watermelon 25% double star.

25% apple 30% orange 20% small orange open bell 60% orange 30% apple 5% watermelon 5%,

bet points can be bet according to the above 5 steps.

How to see if the machine has points:

when the conditions meet one of the above 5 steps,

open a small double 7

and then bet 50 points on the apple to run out of the small points

of any one of the big three (small watermelon; small double star; small double 7)

The machine is about to start earning points.

At this time, you can stop and watch others play.

When the machine has opened three apples and no one has bet,

you can start playing again.

The rules of playing lottery when turning to the middle position

There will be a big bell or a big orange in the last 3 hands, the probability is 60%!

If you hit a big mango, then the next hand may still be a big mango,

or the machine will be in a state of eating soon! Be careful!

If you hit a big mango Stars, etc., then there will be big ones in the next few hands!

If you hit an apple, and you hit two apples!!

Then the machine will win the BAR within 15 hands!!

The probability is 70%. The Apple machine generally has a big rule.

If there are small mangoes and small stars in a row

5 hands Within 4 times, then a big star will appear soon!

If there are small stars in a row (preferably 3 or 4 in a row)

or 3 or 4 small oranges in a row,

then a big watermelon is about to appear! If there are small 7 in a row,

(preferably more than 4 in a row)

A small mango appears in the middle,

but the big 7 is about to appear! If apples appear continuously

5 times or more within 10 hands, then the B AR jackpot is about to be played!!

And if the first time is 25 times, then it will be played in the future,

and no more than 15 hands, the probability is 60 % 4. If the big bells,

big oranges, and big mangoes are played 2 consecutive times are big bells and the like.

then there will be a period of time, and then a big 7 and the like.

The electronic must win sabong is an opportunity to seize the time for the machine to send points!

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