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Introduction to playing sabong winning tips

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Introduction to playing sabong winning tips

Introduction to sabong winning tips 1: Look for machines with “loose” settings

Some machines are relatively “relaxed”. Machines with “loose settings” are easier to win money than machines with “strict settings”.

This is not a superstition. Each machine is programmed and designed for coins. Set different feedback ratios.

In a real casino, you can only guess which machine has a looser setting, but some sabong advertisements on the Internet claim that the return rate can be 95% or higher, which means that they will pay for every 100 yuan invested. If you can give back 95 yuan, the rate of return of such a casino is quite low, maybe you will be satisfied.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 2: Using coupons and bonuses

​In reality, sabong coupons, online platform (sabong) registration bonuses and loyalty bonuses are all free money, which can objectively reduce the casino’s profitability.

Keep an eye out for online

bonuses of any kind and use them if you can. If you are playing real sabong, remember to apply for a membership card, enter it into any game machine, you can get a certain coupon.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 3: Play the maximum amount against the jackpot

Many sabongs today are multi-coin machines that allow you to enter more than one coin before each spin.

The coins that can be put in the most are not only likely to win the most, but can also win the jackpot when played on a jackpot-connected console. These jackpots are pretty high, so you wouldn’t want to end up winning just one coin, would you?

Introduction to sabong winning tips 4: Set goals and stick to them

​You should set aside a certain amount of money to play games and leave the rest alone, and only use the smallest possible amount of money per game.

Set a goal, whether it’s purely to have X hours of fun or to win a Y amount of money; set a time when you want to quit, any time you’ve lost a Z amount of money, then quit as soon as possible.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 5: Don’t leave the game machine that just played the jackpot

​The misconception is that once a certain machine wins the jackpot, it will be impossible to win the jackpot for a long time.

In fact, each spin of sabong is randomly generated according to the set return ratio, and the machine will not remember that it has just spit out the jackpot. You can’t go wrong watching such a machine in a real casino, as you may not know the payback percentage of the machine, and each win is an indicator you can refer to when looking for loose gaming machines.

sabong,sabong Introduction,playing sabong,sabong winning,sabong tips

Introduction to sabong winning tips 6: Do not leave the winning game machine in a real casino

​If you are playing in a casino and the sabong in front of you happens to hit the jackpot, you may need to be told by the casino staff that you have to pay out. Don’t compete with it at any time, a light will flash to remind you that you need help, all you need to do is wait, and it will be more difficult for you to win if you leave the console at this point.

Introduction to sabong winning skills 7: Master your mood

​When playing sabong or any other gambling game, you must maintain a positive attitude, especially when playing online sabong, there is not much external pressure to let you leave the game that is always losing money (such as in a real casino you can walk out of the casino). If you play with emotion, you’ll end up playing longer and longer, and you’ll end up using up all your money unnecessarily.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 8: Know the table you are playing

​The bells and whistles of today’s sabong have become more confusing. You should have a clear mind on what kind of game machine you are playing (multi-line, multiplier, cumulative, etc.) and what combination of symbols you need to win money.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 9: Consider playing a two-coin gaming machine

​If you want to play the jackpot but don’t want to bet five coins every time, you can look for a two or three coin machine.

Even though the stakes are not the biggest, you are also eligible to win the jackpot.

Introduction to sabong winning tips 10: Have fun

​Sabong is a game, and the game is about having fun. Of course winning is more fun, but you should treat sabong as a pure gaming experience.

If you just want to win more and more money, it will be frustrating if you end up with nothing. If you follow the tips above, your online sabong gaming journey is sure to be fun

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