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How to win sabong: important tips

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How to win sabong: important tips

We know you’re going to take your chances no matter what, so here are some top sabong strategy tips and tricks to help you as you sit down for the meeting:

1. Use higher income sabong

As we talked about above, different sabongs have different RTP (return to player) percentages. This means that in their lifetime, they will pay players a different amount than the total amount they wagered.

Therefore, it is beneficial for players to choose to play machines or games with higher rather than lower payout percentages.

Choosing to play a machine with an RTP of 95% instead of 80% will definitely increase your chances of winning.

See our best sabong page (by pay percentage) for help.

2. Clear bonuses, complete promotions or earn points

Bonus Tip Bonuses (especially the welcome bonus) and promotions can improve your chances of standing out as you get one step closer to earning extra cash with every spin.

For all promotions, in order to actually withdraw any bonus funds, players may have to wager a certain amount in the sabong game, take a certain amount of spins to obtain the required number of points (called wagering requirements).

The lower the wagering requirement, the faster you can release your winnings.

Check out the best sabong bonuses and their wagering requirements here – try clearing one of them to give yourself a better chance of standing out overall.

Note: There is no guarantee that you will end up profiting when the bonus or promotion is settled. However, if you clear your £200 bonus and you take a total of £100 off when you do this, you’re actually making a £100 profit – a promotion can give you a better chance of winning if used properly ).

3. Quit while you can

This is probably the most useful tip or strategy advice that can be given to any sabong player. When you start playing, think about the “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss” amounts (the level of profit and loss you might reach) and make sure you stop playing and take your winnings or don’t lose too much.

Players can certainly reach these “victory stops” points, as sabong does provide players with real opportunities, but the “house advantage” inherent in all machines means that long-term and sustained success is nearly impossible.

If you do find yourself making decent profits during the game, the only sensible and sure way to make sure your winnings are fully utilized is to not use it to keep playing sabong. If you are too far behind, spend your allotted amount and stop the game.

4. Play Jackpot

sabong jackpot sabong does not offer a reliable, let alone guaranteed way to make money.

If you know this well, but still love to play and dream of a spin that can change your life, make sure you’re doing everything you can to get this huge bonus.

Certain machine and sabong games, especially if they offer very substantial top jackpots, require players to meet certain wagering requirements, be it the amount per spin or the wagering level, in order for them to be eligible to trigger that jackpot.

If you play sabong for fun, and thus have a chance of success, make sure you research the terms and conditions of your chosen machine or game to find out what (if any) such restrictions exist.

5. You can’t

Probably the most honest and helpful answer to the question “how do you win at sabong” is that in general you can’t.

No strategy, plan or plan at your disposal will make playing sabong a reliable and successful way to make money. The game is not rigged and the players are not cheated, but the odds are just against you and there is no way to manipulate luck.

The only people who actually win on sabong are the casinos and game providers, and the very few players who are lucky enough to win huge jackpots and wisely leave the game once they have it.

sabong,sabong loss,sabong tips,sabong income,sabong strategy

sabong prompts stop loss

The general message of all the tips and strategies above is that there is really nothing you can do to ensure you win on sabong. The best thing you can do is to improve your chances as much as possible, don’t throw good money on bad money and wish you luck.

With that in mind, if you’re still going to play sabong, it’s crucial to know the best way to limit your losses and make sure you’re playing sabong.

1. Slow down

It takes very little time to pause the actual spin of the sabong – certainly much less than a hand of poker, for example. Once you start playing sabong, it’s easy to get into the rhythm, just keep pulling the handle or pressing the spin button again and again.

If this isn’t your day, you’ll find yourself losing quickly without really realizing it.

Just a few extra seconds between spins can really make a difference for an hour or more of gameplay without really affecting your enjoyment of the game. What it can also do, however, is to significantly reduce the total amount invested at the time, thus helping to limit any losses.

2. Set a loss limit

This is absolutely critical. Before you start a sabong session, set the amount you are willing to lose, and if you do reach that amount, reduce your losses and stop the game.

It can be very tempting to move on and try to make up for the loss. The sabong doesn’t remember how your previous spins worked, so wins always decrease with losses. It’s better to run and run, and live another day to fight.

3. Decrease equity

It’s pretty simple, but if you want to limit the amount you lose, there’s something you can do better than simply bet less. This doesn’t mean stopping the game, it just means reducing the bet amount per spin.

The vast majority of sabongs and games offer the option of how much you want to bet each time, and over time even a small reduction in that amount can make a big difference, especially if you plan on doing a lot of spins.

4. Take advantage of free spins

Free Spins Many online casinos offer free spins to new players or as part of a promotion or offer.

These are opportunities to play certain games without investing any money, making them very popular with players. In many cases, any money won from free games is subject to wagering requirements, but if you’re still likely to play, these free spins can be invaluable for limiting your losses.

Check out free spins online casinos for more info here.

You can even switch to “have fun” mode for any game if you need a break.

5. If you think you have a problem, ask for help

This is a step above our other sabong tips. If you’ve lost more than you can handle, feel like you can’t get through the day without playing sabong, or think for any other reason that you might have a gambling problem, then you need to seek help.

In some cases, gambling, whether through sabong or any other means, can be addictive and can lead to real problems.

Fortunately, there are many organizations, such as Responsible Gambling Trust and Gamblers Anonymous, that can help anyone with problems and are easy to reach.

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