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How to play sabong game? What is the strategy?

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How to play sabong game? What is the strategy?


Prior to the cards being dealt, players are given the opportunity to participate in the game by placing bets on any of the following betting areas:

Main bets are labeled MERON and WALA – players can bet on whether the higher card appears in MERON or WALA (PAID EVEN MONEY).

Suits – players can bet on whether the winning card is a Spade, Diamond, Hearts, or Clubs (PAID 3 TO 1)

Pair/Perfect Pair – players can bet on whether the cards dealt form a Pair. (same cards, different suits – 10 to 1) or Perfect Pair (same card, same suit – 50 TO 1)

If a player’s bet on Suit wager and Pairs meet the table minimum, then the Dealer can proceed and deal the hand even without main wagers.

Two cards are then dealt on the table face up, one representing WALA and one representing MERON. The higher ranked card wins!

Cards are ranked according to the following:

Ranking by Cards – From highest to lowest (King to Ace)

(Example: If WALA is dealt a King and MERON is dealt an Ace, then WALA wins, because King beats Ace in ranking)

Ranking by Suits – From highest to lowest (Spade, Heart, Clubs, Diamond)

In case MERON or WALA wins, Main and Suits wagers win (depending on card ranking), while Pair and Perfect Pair wagers lose.

In the event that MERON and WALA hold the same value card the winner will be determined by the suit ranking. In this case, Perfect pair wagers lose. Suits wagers are a push. (NEITHER WIN NOR LOSE)

In case of a Perfect Pair (same card, same suit), all Main and Suits wagers lose, while Pair and Perfect Pair wagers win.

sabong,play sabong,sabong game,sabong strategy

What you need to know about sabong strategy

Need the best sabong guide? Learn the rules first!

Winning at any game, baccarat or otherwise, starts from the same place – by learning the rules. Everything you want to know about baccarat before you start playing for real money.

Understanding the different baccarat games, how the tables work, and the differences in available bets are essential to playing sabong strategy and even winning baccarat.

There are usually three types of wagers, Banker and Player, and a third option, a tie. By betting on Banker or Player, you are not betting yourself against the casino, but two different outcomes in the table design.

You choose which hand to support. The game is over when two cards are dealt each, and the one closest to a 9 wins.

So, if the player has a 7 and the banker has a 5, and you bet in the player’s area, you have just won your first bet. If the hands are equal and you bet on a tie, you win.

Now that you know the rules, you can get your hands on baccarat with a basic understanding, but there’s more.

Bankers’ bets have proven to be statistically popular, which is why many online casinos charge a small fee to “balance the odds”.

While new baccarat players may be unaware of this fact, seasoned players who research and look for winning baccarat strategies are sure to be aware of this subtle detail.

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