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Everyone should have Sabong skills

Sabong,Sabong skills,Sabong System,Sabong Tips

Everyone should have Sabong skills

Fund Management System

Money management when gambling is all about maintaining emotional control. Don’t let the excitement of the game overwhelm your decision-making process.

When you start making decisions based on emotions, bad things usually happen. The goal is to have a good time while always having complete control over your actions.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way before we move on. I feel compelled to say this because I know this might be a real problem for some people.

Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. If your money management system is going to get as much money as possible and don’t stop until it’s all gone, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If this is your system, it’s like you’re riding in a car without a seat belt. You might get away with it temporarily, but when you crash, nothing will save you.

gambling money

Your money management system will always be based on the assumption that you will lose all your money.

Does this mean you will never win? Of course not, but by assuming you will lose, you can calculate exactly how much you should bet. Likewise, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t make it part of your money.

Whether you gamble online or head to a brick and mortar casino, the system is basically the same.

The total amount you think you can afford to lose or can afford to lose is your overall gambling bankroll. It doesn’t matter if you go to Las Vegas for three days or sit at home and play at your favorite online casino; you need to set up your gambling bankroll.

session funding

Once you’ve determined how much you can afford to lose, you can start calculating your session funds.

Session funds are part of your overall funds that you will use over a period of time.

Take a three-day Las Vegas vacation as an example, your total bankroll will be broken down into gambling sessions. Make sure you keep it separate so you have gambling money the entire time you’re there. If you don’t, you’ll put yourself in a situation where you’ll be tempted to gamble more.

Win/Loss Limit

Your session funds are your loss limit per session. If you lose money, you are done until your next session. What if you win?

The best rule is the double rule. Whenever you double your money, you take your winnings and put them aside without using them. The money will go home with you.

You don’t put it back in the machine. You can continue to gamble with your original session funds, and if you double your funds again, you will use the same process.

Sabong,Sabong skills,Sabong System,Sabong Tips

E-Sabong Tips

1. Bad cheating and cheating in online casinos

Are online casinos a game? It is indeed possible, but please remember that cheating online casinos is also a business.

Smart online casino operators will not give up the entire market in order to cheat so little money.

If you want to operate, the casino has the temperament of the manufacturer, and in order to monitor the operators of these casinos, it is not deceptive, and in order to allow the casino-related units to regularly send people to operate normally, there must be fraud, and the operator is willing to immediately dispatch the personnel.

The field was revoked, and even arrests were made for breaking the law. Under such circumstances, which online casino would be willing to pay for itself?

2. You are already making money, so why cheat?

As mentioned in the previous episode, E-Sabong is a player who often wins and often determines the output of our players. In addition to the number generator, online E-Sabong will set a certain amount of RTP (return to player), which is the rate of return.

So what is it like, if the RTP of that player back to that E-Sabong is 95%, then when it is 100 yuan, the player can expect to win 9 yuan, of course, the name is long-term, and all players are calculated. That is to say, 1,000 people bet and bet millions, millions, millions, 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,950,000 10,000 yuan for 10,000 yuan will also make money after returning the casino in a bonus, and the player’s bonus can be accumulated later, and it has won more players. What about chicken?

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