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Casino – How to play sabong machines to win? Is there any technique?

Casino - How to play sabong machines to win? Is there any technique?

Casino – How to play sabong machines to win? Is there any technique?

Casino – There are hundreds of online casinos on the Internet.

Did you know that the simplest and easiest game is the sabong machine?

Now the sabong machine game in the casino has also launched a variety of different types.

It is recommended that if you want to understand how to play the sabong machine game to win,

then you must know the following tips! Master the skills of these sabong machines,

and you can greatly increase your chances of winning! It is a must-see especially for beginners!

sabong machine scoring rules Want to win money but don’t even know how to score? !

Taiwan is called sabong machine or sabong machine for short.

We often see all kinds of sabong machines in foreign casinos or domestic casinos,

Tom Bear adult areas, and even now mobile games are booming,

and many gaming mobile games have a large number of sabong machines.

The sabong machine game is very popular, and the advertisements are also very big,

but now the sabong machine gameplay is ever-changing,

many players who are interested in trying it out,

they can’t understand what they are playing when they first get in touch,

and even many practitioners can’t even understand the rules,

so I hope that this article can help those who are new to sabong machines to get started better!

Sabong game entry rules,how to play online sabong?

sabong|How the Game Plays

Before introducing the score calculation, let’s first introduce the way the game is played, it’s actually very simple!

Decide on the size of the bet first

Just like gambling tables, lotto, or even stocks,

any gaming game player has to decide how big you want to bet so that the game can continue,

and sabong machines are no exception, so you can find adjustment bets on the operating interface After selecting the place,

press the spin button to start a game. After pressing the spin button, the wheel will start to roll.

There are actually many forms of the wheel. In short, it will start to roll. After a few seconds,

the wheel will start to roll Stop, and the result of the game will appear. There will be symbols, or icons,

on the scroll wheel. The symbols that appear on the screen after the scroll stops will be calculated according to the rules of the game.

sabong Machine | Scoring Line Game

As the name implies, it is the position of the line. Let’s take a look at a relatively simple example.

This is a 3×3, 5-line game. The five lines are as long as this, and then look at this example.

Symbol, the left side is the position where there is a matching line,

and the right side is the position where there is no line, so there will be winning points on the left,

and no points on the right. The winning points are calculated according to the pay table,

and then see the more common five-wheel game now. , his pay table is not the same as before,

there will be 3, 4, and 5 points connected. Let’s look at this example directly. In simple terms,

a winning point line, if only the first three are the same, is a three-connection line. And so on…

The first 4 are the same as four-line, the same as the 5 is the five-line,

this word is my own used way of speaking, some players may be used to talking about three touches,

four touches, five touches, or there are others,

welcome Please leave a message and tell me the way you are used to speaking.

When you come back to the connection, when there are three, four,

and five connections on the board, you will get the corresponding score.

sabong Machine | Scoring Way Game

Way Game does not look at the position, as long as it appears from left to right,

it will score points. For example, the left picture is a three-line, the middle one is a four-line,

and the right picture is a five-line. The “connection” here is just my habit In fact,

there is no concept of lines. The way it calculates points is to see, the symbol of the score is a few lines,

and then the number of each reel will be multiplied,

and then the score of the lines on the paytable is multiplied by This multiplied value will be the final score.

It is clearer to use an example to explain directly. For this dial,

the yellow end symbols have 5 2 1 1 2 from left to right, and he has five reels.

So it is a five-line, then his winning points are 5x2x1x1x2, and then multiply his five-line score by 200 points,

which is equal to 4000 points, which is probably like this. Way Game is more like in understanding,

all position combinations are counted as points, in terms of 3 × 5,

it has 243 combinations of 3 to the 5th power, so 3 × 5 Way Game will display 243 Ways,

some people will It is wrong to regard 243 ways as 243 lines.

The calculation logic of the two is completely different. On the surface,

they look very similar, but the physical feel of the game is actually much different.

I believe that veteran audiences should understand this very well. The difference,

newbies can experience it for themselves. I have seen some exaggerated examples.

Some games show 243 Ways as 243 lines on the display. Players can make mistakes.

Even game developers make this mistake. ,

I can only say please don’t even make your own games without knowing what you are doing! ! !

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