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All sabong skills are taught to me

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All sabong skills are taught to me

Sabong skills – 4 big tricks to learn!

To paraphrase the famous saying of Taiwanese gambling god Dai Zilang: “Without research, investment is gambling; with research, gambling is investment.”

If you always think that other people have better luck than you so that you can win money in sabong skills, this concept is wrong!

You have this concept that you may only be suitable for being a spectator next to you, not suitable for playing a round.

There are many kinds of sabong skills, and several players have used tens of thousands of methods.

After comparing these sabong skills and sabong skills, the final remaining sabong skills that are most suitable for winning money in sabong skills. sabong skills Raiders 1. Look at the road method: In simple terms, it is to observe the law after opening.

For example, if a village is opened continuously, it is a village.

If it is a village, a leisure, a village, and a leisure, the next one is a village.

sabong skills 1. Bright lamp method: In simple terms, whoever is (bright lamp) is the same as him, on the contrary, if he is (underworld lamp), he is the opposite.

sabong skill 2. Card counting method: This is the most correct way to play at present. It uses a scientific method to calculate the winning rate based on historical records.

Due to the high rake and thick cut cards on the sabong skill line, good cards are rarely counted.

Sabong skills 3. Betting method: This is the betting method. In simple terms, if you lose, you raise a bet to chase the loss, or if you win, you raise a bet to chase the win.

There are various cable methods, such as straight cables, stair cables, gradually withdrawn cables, flat injection cables, etc. Of course, those who are interested can learn more about it by themselves.

sabong skills – three minutes to make you win every bet in wm casino

Having sufficient principal is the absolute principle of profit

Grammatically, “gambling” is composed of the words “gambling” and “bo”. I believe that everyone is familiar with “gambling”.

When there is no absolute winning rate, the decision made is “gambling”. As for “Bo”, it means “struggle”.

In addition to luck, you also need to make adequate preparations. This preparation process is “bo”.

In fact, my view on gambling is the same as the general public’s view on “stocks and funds”, just as investors are not sure whether the stock will rise or fall in the end, but before placing a bet, they will go through a series of analysis to improve the winning rate. chance.

This is actually the same as gambling.

sabong skill strategy is the most well-known game in wm casino

If you want to stand out at the gambling table, early investment is absolutely necessary. Players must have a certain amount of capital in order to obtain profits.

Anyone who invests in stocks should be very clear about this.

Sometimes we will buy at high points because of wrong analysis. As a result, the stock price plummeted.

But if there is still a certain amount of capital on hand at this time, then we can re-buy when the stock price is low, balance the average stock price, and when the next volatility comes, we can have a chance to turn over.

Investment in casinos is the same as stocks, there is no fixed probability, and sometimes you will lose several games in a row due to some mistakes, but if you have enough capital, as long as you survive this period of time, you will have the opportunity to fight back and come back.

This is like a soldier. No matter how well a soldier is trained, if there is not enough bullets and food, is there still a chance to win?

Therefore, having enough gambling capital is definitely the most important point in the casino struggle.

sabong,sabong skills,sabong winning,sabong money

The concept of sabong God, if you don’t look at it, you will lose!

Not only blackjack can count cards, sabong can also count cards!

If you don’t know how to count cards at 21, please watch the movie “Blackjack” before reading this article.

The play clearly explains: The hero team uses card counting to win huge prizes.

It turns out that sabong can also count cards.

Through the conversion of the odds of playing out cards, in the final battle of sabong, the most influential number is the number around the “4 card”. After Mr.

Gao Jin’s precise calculation, the final 4 cards are weighted.

The value is +3, 3 is +2, A and 2 are +1, 5, 6 and 7 are -2, 8 is -1, 9 and 0 are 0, when the value of the table is higher, it means the small card is played.

The more the value is, the better it is for the banker. On the contrary, the larger the negative value is, the better it is for the idler.

(The red font is what players must remember carefully) The card counting method uses the direct calculation of the remaining cards, so it is naturally more accurate than the indirect speculation of the big road and the small road, but the sabong must show the positive and negative card values.

It’s rare that it affects the outcome of the game.

Don’t bet on a tie and a pair because you think you’re good, the odds are too low

Only idiots will press draws and pairs, and occasionally hit you, how many times have you hit?

The odds and odds of sabong’s draws and pairs are balanced. The probability of drawing a draw is about 9.5%. After the 1:8 odds are restored, the expected value of sabong is about 86%.

Simply speaking, the casino advantage of a draw is as high as 14%, and the casino advantage of a pair is as high as 14%. It is 12.2%.

Compared with sabong’s casino advantage of 1.2%, the chance of players losing is extremely high. Don’t think you’re good enough to bet on pairs and draws, okay?

Using the right method is king.

The probability of sabong will win, opening a bank is always greater than opening a leisure
Is it the first time for beginners to play sabong to have the same question, why do sabong players do not need to take a rake, but the banker has to take 5%?

Wouldn’t it be better to bet on idle, idle, idle? Then why do you think about it in retrospect, the 5% of the dealers who are missing are idiots?

After a second thought, you will understand what Mr. Gao Jin’s sabong odds are to win.

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