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How to add credits sabong in your account?

How to add credits sabong in your account?

Play, Bet and Follow Sanctioned Cockfights and Derbies

Just like other forms of gambling in the country, sabong online betting operates in a gray area.

Sabong and derbies are hosted in local cockpits and arenas but sabong online betting features a different story.

Bets are accepted in these games but you will find it difficult finding sabong best betting sites

that allow you to follow the games and bet on the outcomes.


Although there are sportsbooks and online casinos that accept bets from local players,

these platforms are not authorized and licensed to process sabong online betting.

And if you do find a website that advertises that it ‘accepts and processes’ sabong online betting,

you can’t be sure of its safety, security, and the overall sabong online betting experience.

If you want the experience of betting on sabong, then it’s best to bet on licensed and regulated derbies.

In the Philippine, you can find several derbies that are hosted regularly in local cockpits and arenas.

To participate, simply attend these events and place your bets verbally or you can course it through a local collector.

The manner of betting may not be as streamlined compared to sabong online betting but it’s more exciting and lively.

How to add credits in your account?

How to add credits sabong in your account?

Two ways to add credits:

1. Instant Load – with just one click, your load is automatic.

With an additional fee, there is no need to wait a few more minutes to receive your credits.

2. Add Credits – no additional fee, just fill up and wait a few minutes to receive the credits.

Click ADD CREDITS that appears at the top of your screen.

Choose from two options: Instant Load or Add Credits.

After making your choice, fill-up the form. Enter the registered cock number and amount you want to load.

In Add Credits, make sure the Gcash receipt is screenshot and don’t forget to upload.

After submitting, just wait a few minutes and you can play.

What is online Sabong and How to register live sabong?

Sabong is an old-aged game of gambling in the Philippines,

even until nowadays there are still hundreds of people excited about it every day.

There will be two roosters representing different teams fighting each other.

Then the player will place a bet to predict which one will win the game.

When the fighting started, 2 roosters will be put to the sabong pit.

They will fight with their peak and paws, also a sharp blade will tie to the cock’s leg to increase

the danger and excitement in the battle. The two will keep fighting until there is one who can’t stand up straight anymore.

By the influence of COVID-19, online betting at home is the best way to keep safe,

you would love to visit Hawkplay and join us free,

we are legal so you may place your bet and enjoy the best online sabong here with no worries!

Step 1: Enter Hawkplay, click “Sign up,” complete the registration in 30 seconds

Step 2: Deposit at least ₱200

Step 3: Click “Sports” in the menu and select “Sabong.”

Step 4: Enter the live broadcast and start your betting.

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